Review #351

This is the 4th Alix E. Harrow book I’ve read and I love how unique the voice is in the Fractured novella series. The author fit so much into this story and I gave it a 5/5 stars

Zinnia’s character arc is beautiful and crystal clear. It made me immediately want to preorder the obvious upcoming book #3 that doesn’t have a title or cover yet. Does anyone know when the info will be released?

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

Zinnia has been pulled through a mirror by the evil queen and for the first time, she’s found herself in the first Non-Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Impossibly, Zinnia is now in a Snow White story, captured in chains and needs to figure out how to get home.

Is the mirror some all knowing tool? Why does the evil queen want to know her secrets? How is her favorite childhood book on the shelf in a time period and universe that it doesn’t belong?

It’s clever writing how all the different variations are shown of this fairytale yet we stay within the contemporary feel in dialogue and description.

I don’t remember who Zellandine is from the first book….?

Halfway through this short book I’m wondering WHY they’re falling through dimensions? 

The book is too quick to fully be on board with the love interest sideplot but I really appreciate the consistent representation of three FF couples. 

Sometimes the main theme of not running away from your life felt a tiny bit preachy but it was well done overall because it was so clear what her lesson is. I can’t wait for the next one. Who has info?!?!

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