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Queen of Thieves earned a 4.6/5 stars for the historical fiction category. Written with two female protagonist points of view in London -1946- Alice Diamond is a thief among her gang of only women.  (First person, present tense, Alice’s voice really shines through in the first few pages. 

Then, 19 year old Nell is newly pregnant from a one time fling with a player around town, Jimmy. She doesn’t believe Alice when she tells young Nell that Jimmy won’t be able to keep the promises he keeps. But Alice still offers Nell a job as a thief and it may be her only option for income.  

There’s a lot of “old fashioned” phrases that I’m not aware of so I’m trying to figure out what a bunch of them mean. It makes the reading go a bit slower. Such as: “The number one rule is never grass or help a cozzer.” 

Sooner than expected Nell ends up caught with a 6 month sentence and blames Alice for not having her back, and possibly even setting her up as a test. Nell is already planning possible revenge from behind bars. 

And Alice shows her true colors with some unexpected violence. Despite saying she treats her girls like family, the tip of her dagger says otherwise.  

At the desperation and helplessness in chapter 12 was rough to read. 

Page 126- on page rape- main character. No trigger warning given. 

So it’s one of those books where so far there are no positive male characters. It’s realistic, but it still sucks that that’s the truth. 

At the halfway mark I wish I read audiobooks because this would be PERFECT with the type of language used. 

Oooh a double agent? Lol. What will she do? Who will she be loyal to? Who will she spill secrets to? I hope nobody because they’re all using her. 

I know it’s not the focus of the story but I wish Nell thought of her son more often. 

I can’t tell if Alice genuinely believes she’s helping out other women or not. 

Near the climatic moment it seems like I’m supposed to be rooting for her and Jimmy and I’m not. He doesn’t deserve it. 

At the ending, I’m very satisfied with how things turned out and would read another novel by this author. 

According to the discussion question: Is there any truth moral truth to the concept of they’re owed what they rob? 

Would you join a gang in Nell’s situation? 

Was Alice delusional when she said she was looking out for Nell so she could have the baby in a safe place in prison or was it just an excuse? 

Is Nell more motivated by revenge or ambition? 

Was any two females true friends in this story? 

Did you feel sorry for Alice after learning who Billy truly was? 

I’m wondering if there will be a sequel… it doesn’t seem like it needs one.

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