DNF- Booked on a Feeling

This was a DNF but I’ll try again in a few years and see if clicks better. Has anyone read this contemporary romance? What did you think? Here’s a couple notes I took live while reading:

Lizzy has a panic attack during her opening statement at her first trial. But best friend, Jack, sweeps in to make sure she’s okay. He’s long distance and has definitely fallen for her already without her knowing, but there’s a chance he may move to LA so they’ll be closer. When will she learn of his feelings? Will she return them? What will stand in their way of romance? 

This story has two points of view but there’s not a header when it switches to Jack’s perception which makes it a little confusing and abrupt. 

The chapters are pretty long so a lot of backstory happens in them but so far I’m a little underwhelmed since there’s a lot of telling and not as much showing as I want. 

Also, because the MFC has anxiety, this may not be the best read for me. I struggle with anxiety. Books are my means of escape. So it’s hard reading about a heroine who struggles with the same mental health issue. 

I learned a bit more about 30 year-old Jack and how he runs the financials of his family’s brewery. After doing mundane tasks of grocery shopping and small talk with his mom, I’m just bored. 

This isn’t the story for me right now, but it may be later on. I also Haven’t read many friends to lovers trope because I’m needing more tension between them.

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