Review #344

4.95 stars out of 5!!! I almost gave this YA fantasy a perfect score.

Here’s my thoughts while reading:

So Scarlett is our heroine (third person past tense) and has been writing letters to the Caraval master to visit their town for years. Weeks before her wedding to a stranger, she received a magical ticket inviting her to the Caraval. She’s not sure how to get there but I bet her little sister will help. What I hadn’t expected was how ruthlessly their father physical beats them as punishment for disobeying.

The stakes are already high because if they’re caught leaving the island, their father threatened to do more than a slap to the face. The sisters are trying to protect each other and find a better life. Scarlett is determined her better other will provide that but her sister disagrees. 

Aaah! On page 46, a sailor says her name wrong: “Relax, Crimson-“

“It’s Scarlett.”

“Same difference.”

This makes me smile because I have a work in progress called A CRIMSON OATH and the three demon sisters names are Crimson, Scarlett, and Ruby. 

I love that Legend’s island is called the Island of Dreams. And I also am obsessed that Scarlett can see emotions in colors. 

The shops on this new island are so whimsical yet the creepy vibe is perfect. Where is her sister? What is Julian’s role in this story long term and how am I supposed to feel about him? I don’t trust him. 

Aaah! I love that she’s given a choice in the clock shop. And then also given a choice of what entrance path to choose once they arrive, to watch or play the game. This book is amazing. 

Hidden clues to solve the mystery! A contract sealed in blood! Five nights to play the game… The Glass Serpent … what does it mean? 

Where the heck is her sister?! And is Julian good or bad? 

Ah the mini cliffhangers at the end of each chapter are making it impossible to take a break. 

 Oooh! Who is Dante? Is he the master? Has the game already begun without her realizing it? Was her sister an illusion? 

Follow the big with the black heart. 

I love it. 

But she’s finding clues too easily and quickly. 

The fact that I have no idea what’s real or not is awesome. 

I have no idea what direction the story is going and admire the unpredictability. 

I love how she knows her biggest fear but not her biggest desire, that’s very relatable. And the payment policy is excellent. The fact that the author keeps giving her choices is spot on perfect. 

I’ve reached the halfway mark in less than 24 hours and I’ll totally be binging this whole trilogy in the next few days. 

The sacrifice in chapter 20 is sweet but I’m not believing or on board with this relationship yet because I still don’t trust him. So he needs to be on the page more for me to get to know him better.

Aaah! The revelation in the dream world is huge. I had a small suspicion but at the same time, I was led astray. 

Okay… twist… but what’s true?!?! 

Ugh. Her Dad. 

The elixir!!! Classic! 

There’s 100 pages left and I cant stop reading! It’s so addicting. A leap of faith. Basically Stephanie has found the formula for writing a perfect book. 

There’s so much going on in the explanation at the end that I’m not sure I understand it all. Now it feels like a book I need toe reread.

It’s interesting that the epilogue is in someone else’s point of view.

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