DNF – Crossings

The preface was one of the most unique openings of a book I’ve ever read. And then the note to the reader gave two ways to read this book, from page 1-end as typical or in a specific sequence shown by codes and page numbers at the end of certain sections. Apparently the choice changes how we view the story.

So I decided to read the “unique way” by starting on page 150 and following the sequence. I’m unsure if this choice is what led me to DNF it or if that would’ve been my choice regardless. The concept is intriguing and one I’ve never seen before, but I wasn’t connecting. There was so much exposition, which was beautifully written, but not my type of story, especially the segments from
the third portion (…that last story felt very abstract).

If I continued to read, I’d probably marvel how the different stories probably all weave together in some intricate way by the end, but …. that is not my fate.

This feels like it would be great for an advanced placement literature class or college course to study the different order to read it, why the author made that choice, how it impacts the reader’s perception, as well as appreciating the fine narration and prose.

This book felt beautiful overall, but not the type of entertainment for me.

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