Review #341

Loathe to Love you is three short stories that starts with “Under One Roof.” I rated the first one 4.5/5 stars. Stay tuned for info on the others.

I don’t think the prologue was necessary since it felt more like a spoiler. Even though we all know what’s going to happen in HEA anyways.

Their roommate bickering about household chores is quite irritating since I read books as an escape but if I want to hash out kitchen disorganization then all I have to do is walk downstairs.

I wish it wasn’t all flashbacks but current time.

There’s too many mini time jumps. It doesn’t feel cohesive. But I also have a temperature and might be delirious. So, take that into consideration.

The best part about this novella is Mara’s unique voice. I’m in love with her personality.

I wish this story was extended into an entire novel. It has all the potential and storyline ready.

So I’m all done with the first story. It was cute but just felt unfinished. Which is probably how the others will feel since I want the whole character arc. I don’t think I’m going to read the next two short stories- not because the first one was bad but because it was good enough that I was angry it’s not a full length novel.

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