Review #340

My first February book complete!

I loved loved this book. 4.9/5 stars. The author was so clever with how she included the elements of Snow White’s love for animals and the mirror theme. I wish I had thought of it first. I cant wait for “A Dream So Wicked” for the Sleeping Beauty story.

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

In the prologue, Astrid is running for her life from her stepmother who is accusing her of killing her own father. She has some sort of magic on her trinket that mirrors back worst faults to those who might attack her (I think). Chapter one starts two months later, still in first person present tense narration. The book alternatives between her point of view and The Huntsman who apparently gets a name on page 166 as “Torben.”

It seems maybe the reflection of one’s personality back to them could be dependent on her mood. So if Astrid is calm or is thinking in a positive light then one sees all their best best attributes. 

This may be the best paragraph I’ve ever read in any book: “Sometimes I’d give anything to be truly seen. To hear someone say those dreaded words ‘you are’ followed by something true for once. I wonder if I’d even recognize the truth if I heard it. I’ve spent so much of my life being told what I am, described as nothing more than another’s reflection, that I’m not even sure there’s a real me to be seen.”

After chapter 1 I’m in love with the premise and think Tessonja Odette is absolutely brilliant for this idea. 

I love the houses of sins representing the seven dwarves & that Snow White works a side hustle joined with a brothel. 

This is such great and realistic characterization. Astrid has a “drug-like” addiction and the huntsman has a gambling addiction. I haven’t seen representation like that in a while in fantasy. 

I’m already at page 100 and barely stopped to take notes. They have cuffed themselves together so we have forced proximity. And the Huntsman only feels “protect” when he looks at Astrid because of her mirror magic.  

Why would Fury assume that Astrid wants to fight in the ring? 

At the halfway mark I’m appreciative that the bargains are all a little different in each novel, but that the theme is constant in the series. 

The infant memory feels a little far fetched for the age she would’ve been. 

Her arousal in chapter 26 felt a little unnatural like I need more of each explanation of why she’s acting that way. 

This side story with Danielle feels unnecessary and like a distraction took to get in more pages for them to have time to fully fall for each other. 

Oooh their steamy scene seemed to be a tad bit spicy than the others in the series so far and I loved that. 

I expected the sacrifice but the sentiment is still perfectly done. I’ve also predicted the mini twists and turns but am on the ride, enjoying it all. Let’s see if I’m right in the end for who the true villain is. 

.. wait for it…. I was right!!!! 

Great book.

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