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‘Heart of the Raven Prince’ by Tessonja Odette is the third book I’ve read in a row in the Entangled series. This one is a 4.6/5 stars. It’s a Cinderella retelling and so far it’s the only one that has had two points of view, Ember AND Franco. (Unless I’m remembering completely inaccurately.)

Music is Ember’s passion but somehow she once killed someone from singing. In two weeks she is leaving her wretched stepfamily to live in the heart of the music city downtown. If she can last that long against their insults and demands. 

Franco is the prince and he’s in the very same designer shop that Ember and her stepsisters are visiting. Some fae can produce glamours and he’s one of them, but I’m wondering if he will show his true form when he slips out the back alley and happens to run into Ember. 

He’s a psy vampire, which apparently means he feeds off others’ energy and feelings… I think. With his sister going out of town, it’s up to Franco to run the palace for a month and host the human social events. 

Once I’be reached chapter 10, the story is a bit slower than her other books in this series so far. 

Ugh chapter 13 sucks. She has no say and is being so controlled I hate it. 

It seems like so much could go wrong with the bargain she made with Maisie. Also, since I already read the Selkie book which is technically AFTER this one, it’s a bit strange for Maisie to be so prominent in Ember’s book so far. 

I’m on page 170 and the countdown for her surviving the first bargain is still 2 weeks. It was 2 weeks when we started out. Has no time passed at all? 

At the halfway mark, I’m very glad Franco learned so quickly that Ember isn’t Maisie. It’s more fun this way. 

I’m not enjoying the head hopping mid-chapter to the other POV. 

My favorite part so far is the focus on emotions since he can taste and sense others’ emotions so she contemplates her own more vividly and frequently. 

I love the descriptive writing about her passion for the piano and music. I can feel it myself. 

It’s an interesting concept to fall in love with someone without knowing what they look like. Ask to beta read my current work in progress, The Wicked Blue, for a MMC that’s blind and falls in love with a FMC (Little Mermaid retelling).

Okay back to the story. The promise made to the Brother… Perfect. 

Stupid controlling queen. 

Yeah…why didn’t Imogen try to use a glamor to get the inheritance? 

 The chariot scene!!!

I loved the climatic moment of self discovery and her happily ever after to top it off! Great book

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