DNF Deep Blue

I love how the interior has colored design.

The prologue was a tiny confusing with the poem like chanting and all the different words in another language. I think someone is named Vraja. And there’s a draga. And an Iele. I’m unsure which either were.

The sea witches were either trying to free or imprison some monstrous creature. But they also seemed to be asking for help from someone. Who? Why?

Chapter one was overwhelming with world building density, too fast, too soon. What is Dokimi? Opafago? Gobies? Gogg?

And too many characters and proper nouns were introduced too quickly:
La Serenissima Regina Isabella
Professore Giovanni Bolla
Principe Consorte Bastiaan

When I surely thought this would be enough for an introductory scene, I kept going and more came up.

Admiral Kolfinn
Council of Six Waters
Emperor Bilaal

And I probably missed a few.
Then a bunch of those have nicknames. No thank you.

If you like epic fantasy world building laid on thick and heavy then try “Deep Blue.” But this book isn’t for me.

Here’s the blurb: Serafina is about to be crowned heir to her mother’s throne. She knows what is expected of her, but is she really ready to rule? That is the question Sera must answer when tragedy strikes and her kingdom and parents are taken captive. Barely escaping with her life and her freedom, she is left with no choice but to seek out the ancient force-no more than a legend, really-that has haunted her dreams but may, at least, provide answers. A fantastic addition to the genre of mermaids, this book will also appeal to readers of action and those who appreciate usurped leaders taking back their kingdom. It starts with a common enough concept: a royal girl who is worried about her betrothal and about love. Donnelly then adds layers of complexity to the tale and weaves her story into that of Atlantis. Friendship, trust, and responsibility are major themes as Sera struggles to grasp that she is really her kingdom’s only hope. Quick-witted, loveable characters and a well-planned fantasy world make this an all-encompassing book. Readers will eagerly await future volumes and the answers they will provide.-Kristi Sadowski. VOYA”ReviewDonnelly (Revolution) opens the four-book Waterfire Saga with a richly imagined novel set in an undersea world of mermaids descended from the lost citizens of Atlantis. Serafina is heir to the Mediterranean realm of Miromara, but just as she is about to be recognized as its future ruler in the high-pressure Dokim ceremony, a devastating attack throws her life into flux. Led by cryptic dreams they share, Serafina and fellow princess Neela try to evade the conquering forces while seeking four other powerful young mermaids. Donnelly blends references to ancient myth and human language (especially Latin), with a mermaid culture that has its own magic, lore, and slang (“currensea,” “merlfriend”) that may strike some readers as too cutesy. Themes of conquering fear and believing in oneself are woven throughout, along with an acknowledgment of humans’ environmental impact on the sea and its inhabitants. Despite the high stakes and a few frightening moments, the story is never overserious; it’s just right for readers who have grown up with, but aged out of, The Little Mermaid and the Disney Fairies franchise. Ages 10 14. PW”ReviewJust when Sera, the heir to the throne of a vast underwater mermaid matriarchy, is basking in the success of perfectly performing the rites of ascendancy, her city is ambushed, her parents are killed, and-now officially but reluctantly Regina-she’s on the run from powerful forces seeking to destroy much more than just her city. If that weren’t enough, Sera’s been having terrifyingly vivid dreams, which summon her and five other teenage mermaids to a mysterious coven of river witches in order to decipher an ancient prophesy and unlock their hidden powers. Best-selling Donnelly (Revolution, 2010) builds an alluring mermaid civilization and history, filled with painterly descriptions of Sera’s underwater palace and its unearthly architecture, her sumptuous wardrobe, and the menagerie of half-human, half-marine animal denizens. There’s also plenty of romantic tension with handsome mermen, strife between merls (that’s girl mermaids) from rival regions, and some powerful female friendships amid the fast-paced plot, filled with wondrous magic. This series opener raises far more questions than it answers, but it lays a promising groundwork for the forthcoming volumes. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: This $500,000 marketing campaign features TV spots, a national author tour, and even an original song. This series will be a part of your world. – Sarah Hunter Booklist”

There’s 3 more books in this series.

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