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The best way to start out a new year is a book with a title, “It Starts With Us.” I gave this dual POV a 4.4/5 stars

Everyone and their cat knows about “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover. This sequel was demanded by the readers and I can’t wait to hear more of Atlas. She does a great job of reminding us of last book without an info dump recap and I love how real the characters feel in CoHo books. 

Here’s my thoughts while reading:

The fact that they’re going back and forth with letters and journals when they’re in the same location is interesting. Are they too nervous to say these things out loud? It’s vulnerable but also a shield from expressing it straight out.

I despise that Ryle’s moods still have so much control over her decisions and happiness. 

Halfway through I’m kind of disappointed that there’s physical abuse again but by someone else to add onto the villains of the first book. 

I love the family tree project with the little seedlings. 

Sometimes the writing feels a bit preachy, and overall it doesn’t feel as “light” as Colleen’s note to the reader in the beginning of the novel, but I’m still enjoying the scenes with Atlas. 

Time jumps drastically without warning between some chapters but I’m forgiving the situation to get to a ‘happily ever start.’

It is my wish for you to be my fish. 

Relieving ending. There wasn’t ever really a “climatic” moment or all is lost so maybe that’s what the author meant by “lighter” story.

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