Review #329

I really liked another book by this author but they’re both very YA feeling. Obviously that’s the intended genre, but the topic of the post-divorce issues of her parents aren’t my cup of tea. I gave this YA contemporary called, “Spells and Lost Things” a 3.8/5 stars.

Here’s my thoughts while reading:

I love how much Willow wants to travel and that both hers and Mason’s points of view are in first person narrative. But it bounces back and forth between one and the other quickly so there’s little time to adjust to one mind before getting whiplashed to the next.

Mason isn’t the stereotypical guy in the romance by being a star gazer who’s often mislabeled as being into horoscopes.

It’s a book of family and belonging but feels more like an October read than December with the Salem vibes. 

The foster care situation was shown well. So if you like themes of parenthood/ mother-relationships this might be a good read for you . Overall I ended up slimming the second half but at not fault to the author since I’ve been in a major book slump recently.

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