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“The Tourist Attraction” by Sarah Morgenthaler earned a solid 4.5/5 stars. This was a cute, clean, stand-alone contemporary romance that flowed smoothly. Someone had recommended it as a Christmas book. But, it’s not. I love that it’s set in Alaska, but there’s no holiday references. Still worth the ready during a cold December day.

Overall, I wanted more steam instead of fade to black. Also, I wish the point of view switches were separate chapters instead of within chapters.

Here’s my thoughts while reading:

Graham runs a small burger joint in Alaska and Zoey has finally arrived at her dream destination, starting out at the touristy dive bar where moose hang out in the back and they have a perfect view of the mountains. 

I kind of wish their first major encounter wasn’t her drunk. 

Is he flirting with two girls at once? Lol. I cant get the vibe of if he’s a player or low key. 

At the police station it wasn’t clear how much of it was a joke with them giving her a hard time and how much was serious. 

After chapter 4 it’s more clear that he’s a very confident guy who likes to wink, I guess I just hadn’t expected that from his opening scene. He’s borderline too cocky so I need to see more sweet side, but overall their chemistry is cute. I thoroughly love when third person narrative is done so well that it feels like I’m reading in first person. This flows beautifully. The humor is right on target and instead of getting distracted by details I don’t like, I’m feeling the variety of the spectrum. Annoyed with her friend. Intrigued by Graham. Rooting for Zoey. Excited to see more of Alaska. Wondering what the big event is. The small town vibe is also on point. 

His nickname for her, Zoey Bear, brings back memories since that was what we called our golden retriever. She lived with us for 13 years from 2003-2015. And now we have her possible (hypothetical) great great grand-niece, Ivy, our new puppy who is a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever. Well, now my rant is done. 

But now I need to mention Jake, the blind border collie dressed in pajamas that makes Graham much hotter. 

I’m confused by Lana. She’s a “tourist” but she knows Graham pretty well as a friend. 

Ah I live the halfway point quote: “Graham was going after a girl.”

At page 234, I’m loving the story but he needs to STOP calling her the nickname, gorgeous, every other sentence. Once in a while is fine. But it’s laid on a bit too thick. 

Oooh. What is this Gala that Lana is planning and how will it self destruct?  

Okay so their little “dispute” was so quickly resolved. Will they have a bigger one later?  And now that they’re starting to like each other more it’s clearly obvious how they’ve shared very little about themselves. Also, Graham seems to be the main character instead of Zoey. Is this intentional? 

I love how right after I make that comment they play the “getting to know you game” ending in an issue with a bigger disagreement than before with more fired up & real feelings. 

Ah. The airplane scene trope lol … and the happily ever after.

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