Review #326

Trigger warning for depression and teen suicidal thoughts.

I’m rating this unique family drama a 4/5 stars. It’s all in Merit’s point of view in first person present tense narrative.

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

Oh the first chapter was divine in so many ways. I could see the antique store so vividly. And her body’s reaction to this random guy felt completely visceral. Her personality is already unique and stands out. Then this hot stranger kisses her without warning. Wait… twin sister mix up. Oh, shit!

Chapter 2 gives a lot of family history of her perfectionist older brother, twin sister who apparently only dates dying boys, younger half brother, new step mother and their father (who cheated on their mom.) not to mention their mom lives in their basement and is afraid to leave the house. And furthermore, they live in a building meant to be a church. This 17 year old heroine isn’t enjoying her small town life and doesn’t want to be anything like any of her family members.

The specific details in this first person narrative just makes the main character come alive so quickly, which is Colleen Hoover’s biggest strength in my opinion.

This is the second book I’m reading in a row with a sibling switch a roo theme going on.

Chapter 3 is starting to get a little boring. There’s a LOT of telling and not much showing. I want more interaction between them and less backstory. Also I’m starting to like the main character, Merit less. She has no drive or interest in anything so I’m not rooting for her.

Well by page 100 things are definitely not boring. We have a random guy who shows up in a kilt saying he’s their step-uncle. And Sagan’s actual drawings are shown visibly on page with strange quotes affiliated with them. Oh and the dog that used to live in their backyard returned since his owner died. THEN Merit has also decided to just quit senior year of high school for no reason. It’s all pretty random.

At the halfway mark, the heroine still isn’t likeable. It’s a very odd book so far lol.

Ah! The conversation in chapter 12 is never done in fiction, especially at their age and I love it. No matter how angry it makes her.

Dude. This family drama is insane. The strange scene with her and Luck doesn’t seem to have been needed tho.

At the end, I’m wondering if Sagan has a spin off book for his story but I doubt it.

This was a peculiar read. I truly wonder how Colleen Hoover finds the ideas of so many specifically different types of characters.

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