Review #315

This witchy sequel earned a 4.8/5 stars. Frances and the crew returns for more mystery, adventure and heartache. I’d definitely like it even a little more if I has reread the first one immediately before starting this sequel.

Here’s my live thoughts and comments while reading:

The story begins in Paris in 1913 with “The Seine was full of life.”

I love that the door hasn’t budged in a hundred years. Books with magical doors are fabulous.

Chapter 1 switches to NYC in the same year. As a reminder, this is a sequel (so it’s also in first person present tense narrative.) Frances is now a young teacher at her academy helping other witches learn spells yet her own magic isn’t working “right” anymore.

“I love him too much to give him all of me. These broken parts, the parts I hate the most, I’ll bury away, sweep under dirt, hide from him as long as I can.”

She brings up all her friends but I forget Frances relationship to Oliver and Finn. This is why I like to wait until the whole series is finished and then binge read them.

I’m confused of how much time has passed. There’s already been a reference of 2 years since she has seen Lena. But one year since she has sat in the same desk as her students. But 18 months of holding secrets from her friends.

I need to know about the secret address in her pocket asap!

I was not expecting the interaction with the professor and was surprised by the identity revealed.

Once they introduced the group and their “leader” I predicted who they’d meet right away.

At the halfway make I’m unsure how I’m supposed to feel about Finn.

Chapter 14 was awesome

I loved this book. Her struggle was so real with grief and dealing with her own personal demons. It felt very true and relatable. The climatic scene was done so divinely perfect and pulled at all the exact heart strings. Even the conclusion scenes that wrapped things up didn’t end on the prettiest notes for pure bliss which made the story and characters feel more real. I love the shadow metaphor at the end.

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