I did not finish “The Witch’s Daughter” by Paula Brackston. I believe there’s a whole series, the sequel might be called “The Return of the Witch.”

I learn about Elizabeth’s personality through her journal entries but nothing happens for quite a while. There’s no objective or purpose. There’s also a lot of small talk with townspeople about trivial things… Then there’s sentences describing a duck … that I don’t care about. Some pages are one whole paragraph without a break. This isn’t my style that I like to read but I know lots of people will love this type of narration. The blurb is spectacular and I usually adore two time lines.

This is what I got from the little bit I read:

The prologue begins in 1628 as Bess flees for her life. I don’t know if she escaped or not because chapter 1 starts with Elizabeth who is 384 years old in 2007 and it switches to first person narrative. She would’ve been 5 years old during the prologue so they must not be the same person.

It seems as if Elizabeth is the daughter of Bess (duh… the title genius). She write a series of short journal entries. The beginning is quite slow and a little boring but the prose describing the setting and her world are beautiful. This book will be for someone who likes to settle in and take their time.

After a long chapter, the next segment goes back to 1627 to Bess’s story in third person narrative again.

As much as the premise is amazingly awesome, the writing style isn’t for me. The covers are beautiful so I made a whole post instead of adding this to my DNF list. The pretty boots on the image deserve it’s own blog.

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