Review #314

I gave this YA contemporary romance (clean) a 4.3/5 stars. It’s all written in Madeline’s point of view in first person present tense. Sometimes it was TOO young adult, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this standalone. It was easy, sweet, cute and read well. I mean who doesn’t like book store rivalry, enemies to lovers, family drama, cosplay, and love? How can it get much better?

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

The first chapter was excellent, glorious, charming, unique & captivating! It seems like Madeline is 18 if her brother Benny is 16. I wish she was more like 24. I like seeing the older sister with a younger brother. It’s not a duo I see often in books.

Omg. The corniest line I’ve ever read in a book but I love it: “Be ready to rename your store Epilogue because this is going to be its last chapter.” 

So Madeline is NOT happy that her absent mother is coming back into her life and it’s at the same time that her precious family bookstore is going to be closed. Top top it all off the new bookstore across the street has a manager (mister cutie pants) who is stealing all their marketing ideas. 

I love this epic battle. It’s cute, witty, makes me smile & sometimes cringe (in a good way).

At the winery scene it all flows so well and is so relatable that aim just addicted and want to keep turning pages. 

In chapter 13 her attitude and whining feels very YA. 

Luke’s warning comes out of no where and doesn’t feel believable of his character. He does a 180 and it feels like an unnatural device to raise tension in a scene. 

Well I’m halfway and she’s starting to questions if they’re truly enemies. The tide has shifted. 

Awe. The library kiss is perfect.

I enjoyed the second half even though there was some hyper dramatic reactions from teenagers. The ending was satisfying too and everyone lives happily ever after. Jasper was a cute character and I liked that he had a unique interest to design clothes.

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