Review #305

I rated this contemporary story a 3/5 stars.

The prologue starts ten years ago with Lily and Leo in love and ready to run a ranch together. Chapter one is present day and Lily desperately wants the financial luxury to stop relying on income from the touristy treasure hunting events they offer travelers. And what’s worse, is her family’s land is being sold and she has no money to claim it. I’m betting the bachelor-esque party coming in will be Leo from her past since she doesn’t seem to currently be in a relationship. That would classify this is a second chance romance.

The point of view shifts to Leo’s in the second chapter, who seems to be a workaholic. He has assumed responsibility for his younger sisters safety and security as she enters college. And I was right, he and his friends are going on a phoneless trip to ride horseback.  

I liked Lily’s chapters better because it felt like there was more tension in hers. 

The characters felt a little flat for me and I wanted to feel more passion between them. Maybe because it was written in third person.

I love treasure hunt stories full of adventure like “National Treasure” with Nicholas Cage but this felt a little disappointing.

I loved the “Unhoneymooners” by this author but “Something Wilder” didn’t work for me.

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