Review #301

I gave this contemporary romance a 4.5/5 stars. It marked off all the boxes for contemporary genre. Levi is adorable. It was highly predictable but that’s okay because it’s expected. What wasn’t expected was how well the steamy scenes were written. I’ve read a variety of erotica before and even though this one was tame, it was done very well compared to others.

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

I got a lot of information in the first chapter. Snarky remarks with Bee’s twin sister. Information about Bee’s offer from NASA that will move her cross country for a few months, but the kicker in the buts is the co-leader of the project is her nemesis from college, a broody man who apparently despises her.

So when she gets technical in her science-talk I have no idea what she’s referring to but that’s fine.

Oh man. The dress code comment. I’m furious. I’m super irritated right alongside her.

So the Twitter messages are cute but super obvious/predictable. I guess that’s okay I’m still enjoying the ride.

I love how unique the cemetery dilemma is. Also, Chapter 9 is adorable. But she’s laying it on a bit thick of how much she believes he hates her. We can all easily tell it’s the opposite but it’s so awkward that she’s said it like 5x to him now.

Halfway and I’m wondering when they’ll figure it out and how.

“I want to tell her that she’s luminous, she’s so bright in my mind, sometimes I can’t focus … she’s everything I ever wanted and I want to inject her into my veins.”

Oooh! Run in with Annie and Tim!

Woooo chapter 17 was everything.

Oh my. The steamy scenes are very effective!

When the bad guy explains all their plans it never feels believable.

I was 90% satisfied with the ending but I’m not sure if she ever uttered those three little words which left me wanting that. Sometimes the last 2 chapters of romcom books feel rushed and that happened a little bit with this one but she still tied up almost every possible bow. We don’t really know how she resolves things with Levi’s parents.

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