Review #298

I liked the first one better so I rate this sequel a 4.5/5 stars. The third one comes out in a few days. Sometimes the mystery aspect felt too discombobulated and I’m pretty sure a bunch of answers still weren’t given by the end. My favorite part was the seductive steamy scenes, even though … well … just read it and find out.

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

I’m not sure if the prologue was about Wrath’s past or Pride.

The Sin Corridor is such a brilliant idea!!!

If they are bound for eternity by their tattoo then how can she marry Prince Pride? I’m pretty sure I can predict what this means then

She’s not very likeable when she puts her walls up and lashes out at Wrath to disguise her fear.

While she’s getting used to the new residence, I’m a bit bored. What are her plans and goals? Everything feels like it’s on pause. I don’t really want her to have the same goal as the first book because it’s getting too drawn out. And then this random skull appears? What? Was it just a way to move the story foreword?

It’s an interesting perception that to tell one’s biggest fear is worse than death.

It’s confusing and frustrating when the world were being educated on is all wrong because the main character was fed wrong information. Then I have to relearn it as a reader and get lost of what is true.

She also tapped into her source main power much too easily. How could she possibly know how strong it is or that it has the capability of destroying a realm. Not believable.

Finally the dinner scene got interesting.

I’m a little irritated by how many times there are variations of:
“… but I saw the flash of something he wasn’t quick enough to extinguish flare in his gaze.”

It’s almost like I’m rolling my eyes at her at this point. The intensity and frequency of the “looks” are so dramatic and they’re viewed in her perception so why is she so entirely clueless about it all. I kinda wanna smack her a bit.

Yes, they both have choices. But he clearly chooses her so many times and she never chooses him and the lack of telling each other their secrets is just annoying now.

I’m glad she’s fierce but comments like this are starting to rub me the wrong way when she has nothing to back it up with: “But there was little for me to fear in the shadows. Soon they would do my bidding.” Um… you have plenty to fear, girl. Plus, her nerves are shown inconsistently in this novel. This isn’t a time where she should feel confident.

Envy’s interest to activate the goddess’s magic feels like a random tangent. Where is this going?

At the halfway point, other then the romance aspect where Emilia & Wrath’s relationship is slowly building, the rest of the plot feels very fragmented.

I’m also frustrated with how many times she has an inkling than says: “but it’s not important” … like have you learned anything?

The first training date was rough to read.

What was the point of her getting lost and going to that other prince’s kingdom? Nothing happened.

Ahhh this slow burn is absolutely killing me.

Shucks, I wanted to know her biggest fear at the dinner…

Sometimes she just needs to trust someone to work together. She’s making her obstacles much more difficult for herself.

When she says she’s going to “do her worst” … with what? You have no skills. No magic. No backup. There’s difference between an assertive heroine and a foolish one. She’s not the most brilliant of protagonists.

Three times she has ordered someone to get Wrath but can’t she summon him herself from the mark?

Um… no … I’m not on board with this drastic severe switch of mentality within only few paragraphs. For two whole books she has been set on one goal and pushes every possible positive thing aside. Then one ounce of doubt comes in and she drops it all in a heartbeat? I can’t jump on that psychological train. It’s like whiplash and doesn’t add up.

So the last page of this book… I don’t trust Emilia and this “choice” she’s making. My gut says that when book three starts she will totally change her mind for selfish reasons.

OOOH … AND … It’s enraging that Wrath has “known” so many of the answers she has been searching for, for a long time but just didn’t tell her or wasn’t allowed to.

I’m glad Wrath had some bonus scenes at the end 😉

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