Review #296

I rated Love At First Spite as 4.0/5 stars. This standalone had a fantastic opening scene that wasn’t expected and pleasantly refreshing. I really appreciated the author’s creativity. And then Wyatt comes into the picture. Let the games begin.

When she asks herself if this is the worst or best idea she has…. It surprises me that she’s even considering it at all. It sounds like self torture.

Parts of it remind me of “The Hating Game.”

Halfway through and it’s getting more steamy. I can’t really call it enemies to lovers or friends to lovers by probably just workplace relationship?

The spite house starts out as a brilliant idea but at the same time it makes Dani somewhat unlikeable. I’m not fully on her side.

Once the boss calls the little meeting I’m also frustrated with Wyatt. I want them to work out. But they’re both a little irritating. Yet, the story is addicting and the writing flow so well. Each time a chapter ends I need to go to bed but I keep reading. Both main characters are acting a bit childish for their age but oh well.

Chapter 36 pissed me off with how both of them are communicating. I get it. What they’re doing is typical and relatable. But it’s so frustrating.

The finale was somewhat satisfying but I was a little underwhelmed by this romance. I wasn’t ever in love with Wyatt and it makes me wonder why i feel differently about this one compared to other contemporary romances. Plus, even though I’m glad she learned her lesson I felt a mild ick factor the whole time, as if I only partially agreed with her character arc/what she needed to learn. This one just didn’t stick as hard or tug on the heart strings as much and it makes me question what the difference was.

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