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I rated Lauren Kate’s “By Any Other Name a 4.6/5 stars. I finished this book in one day and loved almost everything about it. This simple, light, clean, easy read was full of all the fluffy feel goods. (This was written in one point of view, first person present tense.)

Lanie works as an editor on a team for her favorite author. Even though she’s engaged to the “perfect man” she can’t imagine walking down the aisle to him. Something isn’t adding up. But she doesn’t have time to focus on that when her boss just gave her a trial promotion. She must get their lead author to turn on a late manuscript before it impacts the entire company

“… some people can look into the abyss without losing sight of themselves or what they love. Without being too scared about what lies on the other side.”

At the halfway mark and I’m flying through this book. It’s extremely predictable and I just watched a chick flick with almost this exact same premise, “We love you Sally Carmichael.” I feel like her switch with Ryan was quicker than I expected and not as deep as I had hoped but necessary to move the plot along. 

So the Italy setting in general felt a bit out of place and forced. A little unnatural. I adore how the setting was so distinctly NYC throughout so the jump didn’t feel right.

The concept of Noah’s novel was also brilliant so now I wish I could read a fictional author’s story haha. 

Sometimes I question why I like contemporary romances so much when they’re so cookie cutter. Obviously we know the HEA ending but it’s all about the “how” do they get there.

What’s your romantic story? Is it all about how you meet or the in between s or the end?

And another question: how would you feel if you found out your favorite female author was actually a man? Does it matter? Why or why not?

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