Review #284

Read this sequel in a YA fantasy series that represents LGTBQ+ characters if you love Greek mythology references in contemporary stories. I gave this a 3.6/5 stars because I liked the first one so much more.

Here’s my love thoughts while reading:

I know it’s a recap, but there’s too many characters in the first chapter. Briseis, Mo, Marie, Nyx, Persephone, Hecate, Mom, Dr. Grant, Selene, Mrs. Redmond, Circe. It’s a lot to keep track of.

After chapter one I’m not quite certain yet who is who I’m relation to one another except that one of Bri’s moms died at the end of book one and she needs to find the rest of the magical heart to try and bring her back from the dead but she only has one month to do so.

I love the imagery of her power with the plants and the poetic way they move and look.

Chapter 2 brings in a lot of character reminders again: Jason, Medea, Absyrtus, Hercules. I’m glad the author is giving us hints from the first book, but it’s a lot all at once. This is why i like binge reading instead of waiting months between books.

Ah. In chapter 3 I’m starting to feel frustrated. Now we have all the following brought up in their plan: Colchis family, Argonauts, Thandie, Perenelle Flamel and the resurrection stone, King Arthur, Merlin/Myrddin, Prometheus, Aeaea, Alec, Hermes, Poseidon, Medusa, Cerberus, Homer, The Black Sea, The Odyssey, The Aegean Sea, Troy, Paxos, Cyprus, Ithaca, Heinrich Schliemann, Turkey, and King Priam. It’s too much.

So far it feels like 60 pages of name dropping.

I love the flowing descriptions of the prose describing the plant magic. But I’m still very annoyed. Now chapter 4 has Phillip & Orpheus & Sirenum scopuli and The Siren Rocks. It feels like the author is trying unnaturally too hard and also that there’s too much to keep track of. The sequel feels very different than the first because of all these Greek mythology references.

I love that they’re going on an adventurous scavenger hunt starting with the pottery guy but the story doesn’t feel like Bri’s but rather a series of events to explain what’s happening so the reader isn’t too confused.

What? Moirai, one of the Fates? Clotho? Sorry y’all. This story isn’t working for me. It feels too chaotic and as if the author is trying to give a history/mythology lesson in a more creative way.

I’m not a huge fan of characters who are immortal because what do they have to lose? It’s also not very relatable to me when main/side characters are gods and goddesses.

At the halfway mark, the vibe feels more obvious YA than the first book in this series. Which isn’t a negative or positive, just an opinion.

It’s frustrating when there’s a conversation purposefully built to give the readers answers and then them when Bri asks a question the response is, “it’s best not to say.” If that’s the truth, then why was the conversation shown on page?

Two Persephone’s also isn’t my favorite. Confusing

In the end, I liked the first book much more and I think it’s clear why from the comments above.

If you want to read a different fantasy series with magical elements, preorder the Linked Trilogy.

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