Review #282

I bumped this down a tiny bit from my Instagram post to a 4.3/5 stars rating. If you like fast paced Little Mermaid retellings and witchy books this is a great one for you. Sometimes the plot felt unconnected and sporadic instead of outlined beforehand but I enjoyed the ride. Oh and I read this book in one day.

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

The first chapter is action packed, fast paced and sets the tone for this adventurous monster-killing novel led by a badass heroine protagonist who will do anything to save her little sister. A lot of things were introduced quickly but I think I got the needed details. King Roland equals bad. Captain Hook is crazy. The Wizard is either an enemies to lovers situation or the villain. And Arie needs to battle the beast of Scarlett’s lagoon. This is my perfect genre and will be right up my alley.

I love the names Jay R Wolf picks, like: The Devil’s Den & Black Betty & Slayer. I’m on chapter 3 and so far the trigger warnings haven’t come up for violence and dark content. I wish Indie publishing or all publishing had an exact rating scale for how to classify dark, severity of violence, sex, etc. This story has the potential for those but so far reads like a fast paced YA novel. If it’s going to be dark dark I don’t feel that yet.   

The black and white line drawing artwork of the three main characters spread throughout the pages are gorgeous.

I’m not sure if it’s a love triangle situation but it’s enemies to lovers regardless. It’s awesome how both Arie and Hook need to complete the same task on their own to get what they want. So they’re after the same thing & might be forced to work together  but only one will win the sibling freedom. 

At page 100 I’m feeling sometimes the shift is very abrupt from thinking one character and then it suddenly jumps to processing about a different character. It’s a little jolty and shocks me at times instead of fluid and natural. 

What’s the point of the red diamond? It was brought out then forgotten about. What? And then this random bird pops up. 

The discussion at the bar was a bit boring and then the violence that did happen seemed a bit unnecessary. 

At the halfway point, I’m not sure the part with Jamison moves the story forward. The progression feels a bit lost with the plot’s momentum. But then that secret lever to open the hidden compartment was awesome and a pivotal scene which I needed.  

It doesn’t make sense that she was willing to let her crew fight the monster at the beginning but not risk letting them join her as backup to meet the sea witch.  

Page 132- oh no! This author used the name Ursa which is the same name I’m using for my current work in progress called “The Wicked Blue.” My Ursa is the grandma of the hero, Axton, and she’s also a powerful sea witch.  

Atlantis? What is happening. So there’s a trident and a magical mirror and … there’s almost too much going on and it feels rushed.

I gotta say this story is very unpredictable, which is great. 

The repetitive reasoning that so-and-so character knows a lot about the villain, thus needs to help, isn’t holding up. There’s no proof of this. 

I’m happy with the ending and want to read the sequel when it’s finished but I wish there was more romance in this one. Also, I’m not fully on board with this being categorized as “dark.”

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