Review #281

I loved this historical fiction standalone about World War II. I rated this one a 4.5/5 stars. Ruby, Charlotte, and Thomas all have a hard journey and take us through their three stories. Because Ruby was American it gave a slightly different spin from the comps similar to this novel.

Here’s my thoughts live while reading. There aren’t many which means it was an overall smooth ride with minimal complaints.

So we start in March 2002 and my emotions are already prepping for the upcoming ride. Then we’re brought to December 1939 where Ruby is a newlywed in Paris with a man she may have rushed into things with a bit too quickly. With the threat of an oncoming war, she tries to comfort her young neighbor Charlotte who has been made fun of at school for being Jewish.  

Trigger warning: stillborn birth 

I can’t tell if Marcel is a good guy or bad guy. It seems like more of the points of view are going to overlap around chapter eleven. This is one of those instances where chapter one is super important to keep the reader engaged to figure out who this couple is at the end, since names weren’t named. 

Injured pilot. Secret closet. Absent husband. Jewish neighbors. Aaah, I need everyone to be okay. 

At chapter 18 things are feeling a little repetitive both with the plot, Charlotte & Ruby’s personal goals and interior stories they need to overcome. 

Their story makes me glad I didn’t have to experience that. What events or times throughout history are you glad you have avoided? What time in history do you think was the most ideal time to be alive? 

At the halfway mark I’m pretty sure I know all the identities of who were talked about in the first chapter. Maybe I’m very wrong. 

So when she’s moving apartments I’m realizing how has  she been paying rent at all if she has no job or money or husband? 

Uh oh, after chapter 37 I’m second guessing my prediction of who the first chapter was about. We know someone survives but now it’s unclear who! 

Aaaah! The ending. Aaah! I wanted to cry but didn’t. But still, the realism shook me a bit. So much hope and love but the story…. Oofda, I don’t have good words to express it.

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