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I had a really hard time rating this. If you see my Instagram post, it talked about some parts feeling like a 2/5 stars and other parts feeling like a 4.7/5 stars. I settled on a frustrating 4.0/5 stars. this standalone witchy book was set in 4 different years/time periods with one POV throughout. Some of the vibe reminds me of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

Here are my thoughts live while reading:

Oh my goodness, such an amazing hook of a first chapter. Helen is going on a blind date but she has somehow Luke has met her many times over again, but she doesn’t remember. Furthermore, many of those times were years before she was ever born.

Oooh in chapter two I’m getting a sense that Helen is making vengeful “magical” things happen to her ex without knowing that she is.

Luke is annoying because he obviously knows she won’t remember so why is he acting so surprised? If it’s for the sake of the reader, it’s too obvious.

I have so many questions after chapter six. I’m trying to figure out if her magic power is just making people do what she wants, like controlling their behaviors. And what is this mention of a prophecy? Also, when Marchant implies that Juliet knows she’s “different,” there’s no evidence by her actions or thoughts so far that leads me to believe she does indeed think she’s special. How old was Marchant when they were in the art studio?

So much scandal for the olden days!!! I’m getting a bit frustrated that answers aren’t being revealed when they keep leaving questions open ended, but it also intrigued me to keep reading. But I’d like some bread pieces dropped along the way so it’s not too annoying.

Page 88- trigger warning. On page rape.

At chapter 12 I’m a bit annoyed that Juliette has no agency and Helen’s story has all but disappeared since have just keeps dreaming. Juliette doesn’t know anything about her situation. The reader isn’t getting much info & she’s just being dragged along without a purpose or goal or choice given. Things keep happening to Juliette but I don’t have a big reason to root for her because she’s not attempting anything or have a desire to go after.

Why does Mickey have no surprise reaction to what happened with the tarot card reader?

So is Luke the devil? Her lover? Her guardian? Her maker? Her protector? How are they both living multiple lives? Or has he just left one very long one? How old is he? What is the purpose of her living four times? Why is time running out? Why won’t Luke tell her the stories? What bad things have happened before when he tried to help Helen fill in the blanks? Is this all Juliet’s mom’s fault?

I’m wondering if I’ll be adding this novel to my list of books set in France since only the flashbacks of Juliet are in Paris and not the other timeline.

When Juliet follows him to Montmartre, this is the first time she has shown to take any action into her hands. Finally.

Juliet isn’t doing a great job of convincing me or Varnier that she’s an adult. But again, I’m trying to wonder the point.

What was the point of following him and learning about his dates at night? How does this progress the story? Why do we need to carry about the woman who seemed out of place and obsessed with Juliet? There’s a few too many moving puzzle pieces. It’s fine to have mystery and suspense, but as it goes along, I want to be rewarded with parts to fill in the blank. Instead it just seems like more questions are piling on the old ones which is frustrating.

Yes! Malique! Thank you! You finally gave us some answers and purpose! This should’ve happened much sooner.

When Nora’s story starts, I’m a bit sickened of how much the women are abused and aren’t empowered. I’m wondering if the author might redeem the situation or not. So far it just seems to have the theme of: “it sucks to be a woman… deal with it and accept it.” I’m not seeing much more than that so far. Which is pretty disappointing.

After chapter 17 it feels a bit dragging even though we were just introduced to her second reincarnation self. She’s not as self-pity oriented, but still not likeable as a character.

At the halfway mark I’m kind of bored by the Hollywood talk of who knows who. I’m hoping to get more into Helen’s current timeline story and her time with Luk. That’s the only part I’m invested in.

So we were already told Billy’s fate before their story was laid out so it was no surprise. It might’ve been better to not give away the ending first? Idk. I skimmed a lot of the last chapter and I’m losing steam in my interest.

After chapter 21 I’m glad that Helen is slowly growing into herself. I think. Even if it’s possible backwards?

So the protagonist is seen as property and is physically, emotionally, verbally, and sexually abused. And then we have to relive that like Groundhog Day for four lives. No thank you.

Once I hit chapter 22 Im unsure if the two versions of herself are truly melding here or if it’s still just memories.

3/4 if the way through and the only answer I care about at this point is if Helen and Luke live a happily ever after. Yet a part of me doesn’t necessarily even want them to if it’s not what her life was intended for. What if she was meant for something better?

Chapter 24 in the museum was probably scene my favorite so far. And I loved the Rick/Aurora situation. Very creative. I’m wondering why she doesn’t use the power of suggestion more often for more things?

So the ending was satisfying for how irritated I felt like earlier. This book was good enough to finish but I would’ve rather borrowed it from the library than purchased it. I also wish it came with a trigger warning. The multiple timelines through history was interesting but Helen was who I connected with. I’m still processing my overall reaction. This novel was unique enough that I don’t think it’ll end into other books and be forgotten.

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