Review #265

I gave this little mermaid retelling a 4.1/5 stars. Evie was such a sweet character always trying to help her friends. I love YA fantasy in first person narrative so this was right up my alley. The flashbacks took me out of the scene and felt like whiplash sometimes but they were necessary for the story. I wasn’t entranced enough to read the sequel.

Here are my live thoughts while reading:

In the prologue I’m confused who saved who and who might have died and who survived and who is related to who.

In chapter one I’m still a little confused which girl was which in the prologue. Evie seemed to have almost drowned at age six but then I think Anna actually did drown at age 12ish? Well Nik is a Prince and Evie’s best friend. Evie has her sights st on Nik’s royal cousin, Iker, but she’s a ‘nobody’ who apparently isn’t worth his time or attention. The sea plays a large component in the setting and I’ve started compiling a Top Ten blog of books that revolve around the sea, so stay tuned to see which others make the list.

So it seems like their friend Anna, who drowned 4 years ago possibly turned into a mermaid instead? And Nik doesn’t know that his best friend, Evie, is a witch. He just gave his first royal  speech and it was about hating witchcraft and honoring the sea goddess. 

Wait. Anna isn’t a mermaid unless the truth hasn’t been revealed yet. I’m a bit underwhelmed that it’s just teenage crushes so far. I’m wanting something if more substance to happen. When will Nik find out Evie has magic? Will Mette actually be a villain? Will Iker be a villain? 

Halfway through I’m wanting more than their royal games and courting. There’s potential here that’s not being used. But right now the biggest thing I care about is uncertainty of who to trust and who the real couple is that I should be rooting for. 

The flashbacks to 4 years ago are often confusing because they’re not using character names but “the hero” and lots of pronouns. 

I’m confused about the no soul part and that she can’t truly feel but Mette has said she’s in love so … which is it?

It’s not believable to me that Evie so desperately wants to save a friend she’s known 4 days. 

I love that Evie truly wants what’s best for her friend, Nik. She really has a good heart. 

Chapter 26’s turn of events and mood felt too sudden and abrupt byes we had Iker’s doubts all along to warn us as foreshadowing, but it still feels too far fetched from what we know of her personality. I’m not fully on board with believing these actions and her thought process. 

I must admit that learning more of Mette’s past and choices makes the book much more interesting but I wish there was more of a gradual way for us to go along for the ride with Mette and the shift of who we thought her personality was like. I guess it makes sense since all of present day is in Evie’s point of view. 

So Iker’s response when learning the truth also doesn’t feel believable. It seems out of character to so quickly trust the girl he’s had a problem with all along and call the guards on his crush. 

I really appreciate the author’s creative spin on the little mermaid retelling of “before” Ariel’s known story. Its a bit sad since no happily ever after as I was hoping but they ride was still enjoyable.

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