Review #263

I rated this sequel a 3/5 stars. So now that I’m in book two, I’m hoping these aren’t spoilers. I wanted to comment on these at the end of the first but was worried my review would give away secrets.

These are my thoughts live. So- I already have issues and questions.

  1. It doesn’t feel original that Eva and Kallia disappeared the same way.
  2. It’s frustrating when the conversation keeps getting cut off because there’s still a lot of confusion about what the heck happened in the climatic scene of the first book so I hoped this opening scene would clarify it but the author seems to just keep it mysterious but it’s too much.
  3. Doran is talking about Eva too much when she was the problem of the first book and Kallia should be his new worry.

At page 55, which is chapter 5, I’m increasingly irritated. Everything is talking in circles. Whenever someone brings up a concern or issue or question, they change the subject or get interrupted. It’s too often and too obvious and I’m kind of sick of it.

The core middle portion didn’t have as much purpose, agency or urgency as the first book.

I’m somewhat satisfied with the ending, but wish it was a stand-alone with more answers in the first.

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