Review #261

I give this standalone happily-ever-after contemporary a 4.4/5 stars. The story by Melissa Ferguson is in first person, present tense and has an adorable office romance trope. As much as I love novels with two points of view, it’s refreshing that this one sticks with only Savannah’s POV, which is a necessity for the plot. I highly recommend this to any clean-romance fans or authors out there who also devour books like I do.

Sidenote- from memory, I don’t believe there were any LGBTQ+ characters or diverse characters from various ethnic backgrounds.

Here are my thoughts live while reading:

The start is about Savannah, an editor, who seems to be trying out romance novels for their publishing company, against the owner’s preference. She might have just been caught when the owner’s son catches a glimpse at the manuscript she’s working on.

So the manuscript she’s editing isn’t someone else’s work, but her own first novel attempt. I love the vibe of how much she loves books and the location where she hides her manuscript. The big question so far is… why does it matter that it’s hidden in physical form when she must have digital copies somewhere.

Oooh I already hate Olivia and her fiancé.

It’s painfully obvious that William be the one who was secretly editing her manuscript. The twist I’m hoping I predict is guessing correctly who “Green” is.

At the halfway mark she’s still guessing her mystery editor. I love how, as an author, I can totally relate to how she feels about the negative criticism.

Well, I forgot to make any notes for the second half because I flew through it. I’m glad the author kept us on our toes with not two possibilities, but three. It was highly predictable but such a cute, sweet read. The author sections felt like she took my thoughts from my brain and put it on paper. Especially the part explaining all the behind the scenes work of social media and creating a newsletter and all those other steps year readers don’t see or understand. Their chemistry was cute but I wish they had a few more interactions near the end.

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