Review #258

If I could give one book a 6/5 stars it’d be this one. This fantasy retelling was short, spunky, and beautifully written.

Here are my live thoughts while reading:

Wow! Voice, voice and more voice. The first chapter was spunky, unique & totally set the tune and vibe of this feminist retelling. I adore fairytale retellings that are finally spun in the way they should’ve been originally written. After receiving some heartbreaking national news today, I definitely appreciate the tough as nails heroine right now. Zinnia Gray just turned 21 and has a terminal illness that gives her less than a year left. She’s been obsessed with the Sleeping Beauty story her whole life and is unsure what to do with the remainder of her time. Her parents love and worry is suffocating. She has one friend who will stand by her side until her last breath. What to do between now and “the end?”

By the way the interior illustrations are gorgeously captivating.

So, I love how Zinnia is wanting this as her possibly last adventure in this strange land instead of immediately trying to get home. She embraces her new situation quickly and jumps into action.

I’m adoring the sarcasm and witty dialogue. Her internal thoughts are spot on perfection. And these prose are absolutely delicious. In fact, this author has just inspired me to write a Top Ten post on my blog for books with the most scrumptious prose.

I like that Maleficent isn’t who we think she is. The settings in this story are amazing by the way.

So I DESPISE that this is the third book in a row I’ve read with sexual assault and or rape. Like… Seriously, men … how fucked up are you that almost every female author has this in their plot because it’s so common for us as women to have to deal with.

Oooh nice twist with the unwanted rescue mission.

“Their love hung above me like the sun, a burning brightness I could survive only if I never looked straight at it, never flew too close.”

The fight scene was simply divine. Insert chef’s kiss gesture here.

“The universe is like a book, and telling a story is like writing on a page. And if a story is told enough times, the ink bleeds through.”

Aaah! The ending was sublime. I swear no book can get better than this. Has to be one of my top 5 faves ever. I wanna reread it right now. Ugh. Omg. I can’t even.

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