Review #256

This is my first 5/5 stars this month!!! Daniel and Alexis made my Top Ten favorite couples list so stay tuned to learn my other favorites in a later post.

Here are my live comments while reading:

In chapter 1 we learn that Alexis is recently single and not ready to mingle even though her bestie wants to double with some random guys from Tinder. Is it just me or do all of Abby Jimenez books begin with car trouble? As Alexis finds herself alone in a country road ditch, a hottie guy with an adorable dog tows her out for free. She’s not in the best place in life since she’s coming from a funeral, so let’s see what love has in store for Alexis.

I’m excited that this will be two points of view both in first person which is my favorite currently. Daniel is the hottie who helped out Alexis and he spots her in their run down bar. His friends start making bets on who can take her home but he wants no part of the game. This guy seems to like serious commitment situations only.

Fade to black!!! No!!! Come on!!!

The reason for Alexis to stay at the hospital isn’t working for me. It doesn’t feel like a strong enough pull that would outweigh the negative so I’m having a hard time jumping into the believability of it.

I don’t like that when a new chapter starts, time rewinds about 10 minutes. It messes with the flow. Once she sees the air b&b I’m 95% positive I know where this story is going so I hope there’s a little surprise factor at some point.

Okay so Daniel seems perfect in every way. Where are his flaws? Alexis has a “complication/obstacle” but so far she’s also not showing any humanistic reality personality draw backs.

At page 100, the author is setting the eventual problem up well, but again, I can see it from a mile away. It’s very obvious of what the climatic scene is going to be later. I’ll let you know if I’m wrong when I get there. I need some surprise hiccups.

The description of the emotional abuse from Neil is cringeworthy because those mental games are no joke and you can really get lost in it. Who the help do you think you are, sir? I’m about to drive over there and start throwing some shit at you.

I love the role reversal of Daniel cooking and cleaning and Alexis is the career oriented person. I was also tickled about the town itself trying to send messages. The fog originally kept her there and now the acorns attacked her awful friends like hail.

At the halfway point I feel bad for Daniel and his relationship with his mom. But again, his circumstances are his issue. He still hasn’t shown any type of realistic character flaws. The boy can’t be full golden.

Oh my, in chapter 22 I wanna murder her parents. Seriously? How can someone be so selfish, egotistical & judgmental? Why are these humans made?

Alexis, hun! Please stop comparing Daniel to Neil and calling him the easy choice.

Abby writes the devastation of desperate longing and clinging onto someone really well, the inability to let go and say goodbye. That part is super relatable.

Yikes I didn’t take many notes in the second half because I was flying through the pages rooting for them. I love a happy ending. Sometimes it’s needed to just dive into a fresh love story. The humor of the dick pics and the names of the farm animals will definitely stand out to me compared to other books in this genre.

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