Review #253

I rated this contemporary novel by Emma Scott a 3.8/5 stars. Phew, the last 3-4 chapters were hard to get through. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a happily ever after and no twists saved the day, but it might be a tear jerker for some readers out there. Page 259 almost got me. Tugged on my heart a little but I didn’t cry like I wanted. The front of the library slip says “romance.” Warning- this is NOT a romance.

The prologue starts with Jonah , a teen, waking up from heart transplant surgery 15 months ago. His girlfriend left, unable to deal with his condition. Chapter 1 starts with Kacey who is in a band against her parents wishes and begs for their forgiveness over a quick phone call but it’s successful. She’s 21 but the style feels very young adult as if meant for 16 year olds. I’m glad it’s in first person narrative, but this heroine sounds immature and young for her age. 

In chapter 2 I feel like I’m on a roller coaster with all the italic- inner thoughts. There’s so many that it brings me out of the story.

Jonah makes it back into the story in chapter 4. It doesn’t sound like his new heart is doing super well in current times. Either that or something else is wrong physically and he isn’t going to last much longer. I enjoy how the characters’ mannerisms feel realistic.  

Wait on page 53 we learn he’s 26 years old but this reads like he’s 19. 

In chapter 12 I wish something of more substance would happen. Sometimes I feel as if the dialogue doesn’t lead anywhere. 

The rest of the book I was just holding onto the one sliver of hope that he’d make it. These chronically I’ll type novels aren’t really my choice of tea, but …. I still suffer through them sometimes.

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