Review #252

I gave this fantasy sequel a 3.3/5 stars. Overall I was pretty disappointed with this after how much I loved the first book, Malice. The first half i was just waiting for something to happen and the second half I found myself skimming. I’m kind of sad that it didn’t work out better. I find it strange when a sequel turns me off. This happened with “The Damned” by Renee Ahdieh too. Oh well. Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

I dipped right into the prologue that reminded us of book 1 and introduced our antiheroine, Alyce, now with a new name, to her first Vila-in-person, Raegan. Aurora’s fate is the same so far but when I flipped to chapter 1 it started with “100 years later” which I wasn’t immediately thrilled about. 

I wasn’t a huge fan of chapter one with the politics. It felt a little bland and I’m not sure what to care about right now since 100 years have passed. 

At page 80 I’m bored to far. Nothing is happening and Alyce AKA The Dark Grace AKA Mortania AKA Nimara is just waiting around. She says she’s trying so very hard to break the spell but I don’t really care because 100 years have passed. There’s lots of talks of the different types of courts and high lords and who is in charge or what and I don’t care about them either. 

Page 104 contradicts what I thought was said prior about who could wake Aurora. 

I’m sooooo glad that Aurora finally woke up right before Part 2 but I really wish it had happened sooner.  

After chapter 11 things are too repetitive and we’re not moving forward. I’m tired of Mortania’s thoughts. What is her purpose in driving the momentum?

A the halfway mark I’m kind of tired of all the “court” talk.

At the end of the epilogue I’m unsure if there’s a third book or not.

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