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“Life’s too Short” by Abby J got a 3.9/5 stars for me. This is the third in this contemporary romance series and I read the first two recently. I enjoyed the first two more with Kristin’s story being my favorite. Abby’s fourth book came out last month as a Book of the Month selection and I have it on my TBR shelf.

Do you believe in the after life? Do you believe in soul mates? Do you believe in a greater power or that the universe has a plan? Are you more spiritual or scientific? Can those two concepts blend harmoniously?

Here are my thoughts while reading:

Adrian was the random blind date that was in one scene at the very end of book two so I know very little about him and am not invested in his character prior to going into this book. Vanessa is a foster mom with an infant who can’t be calmed and can finally take a shower when Adrian offers to hold Grace at 4 am.

I’m not sure what Vanessa’s career is but the social media blog to record how Adrian calmed the baby doesn’t hit me the right way. 

So Vanessa only has a year left to live? Why? Where will her foster-niece go? Is there a cure for whatever she has? 

The hoarding was super stressful. But just the fact that Abby thought to include that into a character is brilliant. 

Halfway through things felt a little preachy. 

When there’s a Christmas scene in a contemporary romance I just picture cheesy Hallmark movies. 

Page 168 was a big turning point. I hadn’t expected that to come up so soon. 

At page 219 I’m excited that Sloan showed up! 

At page 219 I’m excited that Sloan showed up! 

Chapter 22- hot hot!

Her sister being an addict adds another layer of raising the stakes. 

I’m frustrated with the choice to leave Grace with their Dad. Doesn’t seem safe or the smartest. I’m also mad at Adrian giving an ultimatum. But I understand why he did. 

The ending was satisfying but I’m still nervous for Vanessa. The epilogue helped a little. I enjoy books that have discussion questions. Here’s a few of my favorites:

At what point is it enabling a friend with a drug addiction and when should you stop helping? 

If you had ALS would you seek treatment or accept the end? 

Do you believe the couples should make decisions about end of life treatment together or is it for the dying person to decide? 

If you had the platform, what issue or cause would you raise awareness for?

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