Review #246

I gave this historical fiction a 3.9/5 stars. When I hit the second section. I was expecting the interview format to change. It didn’t. A few pages is fine, but a whole book like this is jarring and staccato.

“I had no interest in being somebody else’s muse. I am not a muse. I am the somebody. End of fucking story.”

Here are my thoughts live while reading:

I don’t know anything about drugs, especially those used in the 60-70s so that part is harder for me to relate to.

From page 18-43 Daisy isn’t being interviewed and I care about those characters much less. The band doesn’t mean much to me. I want to learn more about how she’s thinking and her story.

Again, on page 51, when it goes back to Karen, Camilla, Billy, Warren, Graham. Eddie, Artie, & Nick I just don’t care much and there’s too many of them going back and forth to keep track of.

Page 81 was the first main turning point but for you readers interested in this story, prepare yourself for a very different type of narrating.

I have to admit I skimmed parts in the middle.

Near the end it reveals info about the “author” of the book but I’m still a little confused. Overall this seemed to be more of a story about Camila than Daisy.

Discussion questions it made me think of:

– Have you ever felt used by others? When? How did you respond? 

– Have you taken life into your control and pursued your dreams? Why or why not? 

– What is something artistic you’ve created? 

– Have you ever felt desperate for someone’s attention/affection? Why? Whose? 

– How do you define female strength?

– If you became famous how do you think you’d respond to the crowds and fame?  

– Which character were you most drawn to and why? 

– How would you define a lost soul?

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