Review #243

I gave Rainbow Rowell’s novel a 3.5/5 This romcom switched POV between first person in the emails to third person for Lincoln’s story

Attachments started off with a bang of a witty exchange between Jennifer and Beth, seemingly best friends who know each other well enough to joke about inappropriate topics. 

Chapter 2 was a bit jarring to go to third person after the messages were so personal. Maybe the author did this on purpose to make a clear distinction between the setting and speakers. 

At page 19 I don’t like that Lincoln’s chapter head hopped and went to Greg mid-page. 

In chapter 8 I’m wondering Lincoln’s age and if anything more of substance will be addressed. I’ve noticed I’m skimming to get to the back and forth between Jennifer and Beth. 

While I’m at chapter 12 I appreciate the humor so far, but the story is lacking any depth for me so it’s hard to fully engage. 

Whenever I’m in Lincoln’s section, the prose feel unnatural and forced as if the writer is telling me instead of showing me and I feel talked down to. 

At the midpoint, I’m struggling with finding the point of anything. 

A lot of the older movie references are cute since it’s set in 1999 and relatable for me being 12 at that age. 

I like that the chapters have been short and sweet. When I got all the way to chapter 88, it felt like it took too long to get to that scene. 

I recommend this book to readers who want to laugh and not work hard or think much. It’s a sweet, relaxing read.

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