Review #240

I have this contemporary romance a solid 4.2/5 stars. I liked the first in this series better than this one. Their relationship was sweet. There weren’t any unexpected turns or anything that had me on the edge of my seat. It was a cute easy read for a relaxing train-ride day.

Here are my thoughts while reading:

In chapter one we got brought back into the story of what happened in the first book in this series, but through the eyes of a then-“side character” who is now the protagonist. Sloan is still grieving Brandon and having a hard time. She finds a random dog which changes up her anniversary-cemetery day, leading her down an unexpected path.

I’m not a big fan of text threads for conversations in books but these work for me just fine.

In page 124 I’m wondering the full meaning of the picture above her bed. Also, her story makes me wonder how long I’d grieve in the same situation. Everyone is different.

At the halfway mark, everything’s going way too perfectly. So now I’m just waiting for everything to fall apart. Where is the cringe moment of “oh shit!?”

In chapter 35: I don’t like the “fourteen weeks later.” (After I finished I celt a bit frustrated that there were multiple of these time hops.)

By the time I got to chapter 37 some of the internal dialogue felt a little forced and a tiny bit “gag”-like, but I’m still enjoying the story. I liked the first in this series more than this one so far.

After the end, this was a very cute book. I didn’t fully enjoy the time hops in wasn’t as invested in this pairing as I was for the first in the series

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