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I gave “The Stars We Steal” a solid 4/5 stars. This first person (one point of view from Leo) sci-fi YA stand-alone was enjoyable & flowed smoothly. It was a bit predictable but was an easy read for a lazy, sunny day. I had first heard of this author from YouTube channels that educate authors and enjoyed her voice Our library didn’t own this novel so asked for it be purchased, which they approved. If you ever can’t find an Indie author at a library, request for them to buy, and that may be an option to help support Indie authors.

Here were my thoughts while reading.

The first thing that came to mind was a mix between “Cinder” and “The Selection,” both YA novels with strong heroines who carved their own paths. After chapter one, I’m excited to see if this is a second chance romance. Also, I’m enjoying the Scandinavian references despite them being in space.

After chapter two I’m wondering who are the murderers? Is Daniel a good or bad guy? Will and Elliott end up together? In chapter five I’m a little bored about the candidacy for captain since I don’t care about politics. But I’m wondering if Leo will join the revolutionaries and help those who are suffering. And if so, how? I appreciate the LGBTQ+ representation as more than side remarks. As well as Leo being curvy and of average size instead of a supermodel. I haven’t read many futuristic/sci fi books, but it’s interesting. Sidenote- the whole thing with the sister is a phenomenal complication I’m loving.

“I know you in my bones, as I think you know me.”

It’s a bit frustrating that 4 women are possibly pining for Elliott. He needs more flaws. At the halfway mark I’m interested in Leo & Elliott but a lots of the YA daring activities are boring. I’m hoping the second half has more action & urgency from Leo such as meeting this Miranda. Not much has come from the terrorists so far as expected. At the conclusion, I’m glad that this was a quick read, however not much “happened.” I wanted a few more intense moments or danger or action. I’d recommend this to YA sci-fi readers. It was a pleasant novel, but won’t be memorable in the grand scheme of things. Nothing drastic stood out to me. I gave it a solid 4/5 stars.

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