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So Wake County Public Library purchased Touch of Malice at my request. I’m the first one to read a fresh copy! Unfortunately, at the end I rated this steamy contemporary fantasy as a 3.3/5 stars and here’s my thoughts as reading.

Chapter one is all about Persephone’s lingering response from her trauma in the climax of book 2. I’m glad she’s claiming her power and I hope this finale pulls me back into the story. My fear is that the further the trilogy progresses, the less I’ll like the story. Please prove me wrong.

Chapter two was a bit slow in setting the stage as reminders of what happened previously and wedding planning. I’m not sure what Persephone’s goal is. It feels like she’s being dragged along through festivity planning that she doesn’t want. And that even if she marries Hades, who she loves, she’ll always be trapped in some way. It’s hard to view a happily ever after scenario given the political dynamics of the gods ruling system.

I’m still a bit confused by all of Hades’ powers or maybe I’m mixing this story up with another Hades/Persephone’s trilogy I had started a few months ago. They seem to be a popular pairing recently.

Page 89- the “are you well?” repetitive question feels weird

At page 112 I’m a bit bored by the history of the gods and am wondering what this wrestling g scene has to do with the rest of the plot.

At page 125, I’m annoyed at them being interrupted for the third or fourth time. I’m wanting more variety in the obstacles.

At page 143 we have trauma from rape again. It’s something that needs to be addressed but I’m also tired of it being in EVERY “dark” themed fantasy. Isn’t there any other way to make a novel dark?

In chapter 12 it’s clear that these feuds are based on trust and betrayal and conversations and secrets. There’s not much physical action but a lot of dialogue.

Halfway, I’m a bit bored. There’s too many characters and it’s slow. There seems to be a lot of waiting for something to happen. I also don’t like the concept of the Fates.

Page 268 was abrupt and confusing but still very well done since it had me holding my breath. 

Even 3/4 through the story, it felt like new characters were being introduced every other page.

Chapter 37 abruptly switched to Hades POV

Page 442- not satisfied with the ending. Frustrated. I didn’t know there would be a fourth book and expected this to conclude the series. That is not the case with this cliffhanger. There is no happy for now or any relief that Hades is okay or they will end up together or friends will live. The death of the villain also didn’t feel satisfying. I’m unsure if I’ll read the next one. Definitely frustrated.

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