Review #229

I’d give this fantasy a 4.9/5 because I still wanted a little more emphasis on the romance. It was a tiny bit better than the first novel in this duology. I appreciated the effortless prose in first person present tense that stayed in Alosa’s POV the whole time. 

Here were my thoughts while reading:

Chapter one and two were reminders of where the first book left off, who was who, their goals and the relationships within the crew. The captain, Alosa still doesn’t act like a seventeen year old so I picture everyone older than they are. )The brief references as past rape/trauma to the women characters makes me want to categorize it into new adult instead of young adult). I’m hoping there’s more romance with Riden in this book compared to the first. 

In chapter six I wasn’t sure who was trustworthy which was great tension. 

At the halfway mark I was excited at the mini cliffhangers of what was inside the cave? Who took their friend? Will she outsail the ship on their tail? Will Alosa finally admit her feelings for Riden?

Page 271- aaah! No! The interruption was brutal. Give me the steam. Just a little. 

Page 301- fuck. This author is brutal 

Page 303- phew 

Page 338- I loved this story! I’d totally reread someday. There was more deaths and violence than I expected for YA, but it was fitting for a pirate theme.

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