Review #227

Unfortunately, this contemporary trajectory was a 2.9/5 star rating for me. I loved the LGBTQ representation and the bravery of addressing the difficult theme of death.

The first chapter felt pretty choppy, vague, staccato and the prose were a little awkward.

In the first section of “Death-Cast” I was a little confused on the rules of this world but it seemed as though 18 year old protagonist, Mateo, has been called with the news that he would be dying an untimely death in the next 24 hours without knowing exactly how or what time. I was unsure at first if he expected it and if all citizens expect this call, or only those who die young?

In chapter two we met Rufus, a 17 year old in the foster system who seemed to have it rough but was still surrounded by loyal friends. He also received a call for his End Day. I have a lot of questions. Their society didn’t know HOW the callers were informed of the people’s last day alive. We’re there psychics or …? What will these two characters do with the last few hours given to them? What would I do?

“Countdowners” seem to be those who have received their End Day notification and update their last hours on social media.

At section 2 for “The Last Friend” I was surprised by Andrea’s POV and then Malcolm’s a few pages later.

At page 100 I still had a hard time connecting to the characters because we already know their fate so I’m not invested enough to care. If their fate is inevitable then stars their goal?

Halfway through I still wasn’t very engaged. I couldn’t relate to the social media life in this population. Some YA novels are meant for YA only & it felt like this was one of those stories.

Part 4 of “The End” started with karaoke which felt a bit forced & the dialogue felt a bit forced. When it went to Howie’s POV I kind of rolled my eyes because of too many points of view overall.

I was glad Mateo let loose but I didn’t see as much of a character arc for Rufus. Everyone else was a distraction.

Page 351 was interesting psychologically because even though they knew it’d happen the reaction was real.

Page 368- vague ending and a bit blah. Not super impactful for me. Interesting concept to the book but this story wasn’t for me. Overall, the emotions felt too dry in general.

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