Review #186

This is not one of my usual reviews, but a list of discussion questions below for book clubs. Enjoy.

Title- Of Mice and Men

Author- John Steinbeck

Rating– 3/5


They are an unlikely pair: George is “small and quick and dark of face”; Lennie, a man of tremendous size, has the mind of a young child. Yet they have formed a “family,” clinging together in the face of loneliness and alienation. Laborers in California’s dusty vegetable fields, they hustle work when they can, living a hand-to-mouth existence. For George and Lennie have a plan: to own an acre of land and a shack they can call their own.

When they land jobs on a ranch in the Salinas Valley, the fulfillment of their dream seems to be within their grasp. But even George cannot guard Lennie from the provocations of a flirtatious woman, nor predict the consequences of Lennie’s unswerving obedience to the things George taught him

Discussion Questions:

If you had to compare yourself to an animal, which would it be and why?

Why do you think this book is considered a classic and read by the majority of students?

What personality traits do you need in a best friend and why?

Do you believe that dreams portray meaning? If so, what dream do you repetitively have that you’d want interpreted?

Do you wish real life could have “foreshadowing” and why or why not?

Do you have any friends or family with special needs or mental disabilities and what advantages and hardships does it pose in your life?

Has COVID or another life event alienated you from others, how so?

Do you move towards or away from tension, why?

How do you feel about brothels and or prostitution in novels? Why?

Would you make the same decision at the finale as these characters did? Why or why not?

What book written after 2010 do you think will make a great classic for future generations and why?

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