Review #141

Title- Kisses and Croissants

Author- Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

Series- standalone

Rating– 3.9/5Genre- YA contemporary romance- clean

POV- first person, present tense

Trope- coming of age, parent who doesn’t understand me, finding a path in life

Steam level- 0/5

Cover– Ballet is a huge deal with her story, yet I didn’t expect that from the cover

Comps– “Love and Gelato” which is set in Italy, not Paris

First chapter thoughts-

This feels VERY young adult. Which is fine, I just expected a little less than it feels. Mia is already forced to be room with her nemesis in a fancy Paris dance school before senior year of high school. Her mom doesn’t believe in her. The teachers are tough. There are hints that she may discover her long lost relative will have secrets about their ancestors being famous ballet dancers which will somehow alter her course. The writing feels immature but hopefully there’s some cute romance to hook me in. 

Character Development- She needs to find her balance between passion and life

Best part- Touring France and the shop names when they eat at cafes and get ice cream

What I would change- some twists thrown in to keep the reader on their toes

Quote- none note-worthy

Setting- Paris! I loved the cobblestone descriptions

Prose- underwhelming. Too much telling

Character goals/motivations- Mia wants to earn an internship at a prestigious NYC ballet academy

Theme- follow your dreams

Vivid sensory descriptions- sometimes when they were walking the streets of Paris

Dialogue- underwhelming

Diversity- I believe there was a character from Brazil. Also one of their role models was mentioned as a women of mixed background. There were dancers represented behind the scenes in the classroom from countries around the globe. I believe each main character was white/European descendant. I don’t recall LGBTQ representation. I also don’t remember any characters with disabilities shown, however I could be mistaken.

Ethics/morals- parent pressure to succeed

Conflict/tension/obstacles- not many. She had it overall easy. I did enjoy her agency of learning about her ancestors.

Pacing- fast/light/easy read

Thoughts while reading-

Page 45- I understand why the author translates every phrase from French to English but I wish it was just in French and the reader can figure it out on their own. It messes with the flow to read it twice. 

Page 66- Louis is her adorable distraction. I love that he’s taking her on an adventure and the story isn’t just about her in dance classes only

Page 94- this reminds me of the movie “Black Swan,” with Natalie Portman.

Page 122- I’m guessing mom will have an empathetic story later on that Mia wasn’t aware of in her past.

Page 144- I love that I’m getting a mini tour of Paris & want to write down these little cafes in my journal to visit someday

Halfway- it’s a cute story, a bit lacking in surprise, depth, twists , and obstacles so far. Maybe the second half will show more struggle

Page 280- a bit predictable and cliche … but when in Rome… (or I guess Paris)

Ending- Page 311- it was all tied in a lovely pink bow as expected. Almost every little detail turned out the way I guessed.

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