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Title- Break the Stone

Author- Cassie Swindon

Series- first novel Golden Chains trilogy

Rating– see below for reader reviews and Goodreads for overall ratings

Genre- YA crossover to New Adult- romantic suspense

POV- third person past tense, two POV, Raelyn and Kody

Trope- best friend’s sibling, insta love, alpha hero, men in uniform, huge guy/tiny girl

Steam level- 3/5 with them “spicy” scenes- intended for mature audience

Cover– mysterious, doesn’t quite fit romantic suspense genre


Raelyn Bell- 17 years old senior uprooted by her single father due to secrets and threats.

Enneagram personality type- 269. Read to see if you agree.

Kody Walsh- 18 year old army soldier and older brother of Cali Walsh

Enneagram type- 358. Read to see if you agree.


Raelyn Bell’s mother died over ten years ago… Or did she? Newly discovered secrets lead Raelyn to question her past and the truth. But, if she keeps searching for answers, it could sever the relationship with her father. Meanwhile, Specialist Kody Walsh focuses on his advancement in the army. Raelyn walks into his life and derails his plans. While hunting for the truth, the two grow closer as dangers arise. Stalkers, ambushes, threats, and mysterious messages lurk around the corner. But they don’t even know who to hide from. Will Raelyn ever find out what really happened to Ma? Will Kody tear down his walls and let Raelyn into his heart? Break the Stone is a novel with suspenseful mystery, perfect for fans of fast-paced storylines and heart-pounding romance.

Pacing- fast

Reviews –

You can not help but become invested in the story, along with the characters. Secrets that were buried are coming to light. If I could I would give this book 100/10 stars.

  • Valerie Madrid

Raelyn is a good protagonist: shy, romantic, and strong minded. The real standout is her new best friend, Cali. She’s the outgoing show stopper that all introverts love to be adopted by. The final main character is Kody, the brooding military man struggling to protect the people he loves, while helping Raelyn search for answers. Together, they attempt to uncover the truth about Raelyn’s mother and disentangle the growing conspiracy around her death.

The characters had excellent chemistry and I was pleased with how well their growing relationship drove the suspenseful plot line. Overall the biggest strengths were the well-drawn characters, which is a major plus for me personally. You can have the best plot in the world, but if the characters are flat, I’m bored. That was not the case with Break the Stone. Raelyn, Cali, and Kody were all engrossing, likeable in their own ways, and full of depth.

  • Anna Cackler

Read this as Raelyn’s life is turned upside down without a moment’s notice. Follow her on an exciting, sometimes dangerous, adventure as she seeks to find answers about her past. This is a great book that will make you laugh, cry, and keep you in suspense! I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in this exciting trilogy!!

  • Marcia Campbell

The plot grabbed my attention right away. What could Raelyn’s mother be hiding? That mystery alone was reason enough for me to give this new author a try.
But there was so much more. After being uprooted by her father Raelyn meets a great new friend Cali. She is the extrovert to Rae’s introvert.
Than there is Kody our Hero, he and Rae at times feel a little awkward which I think makes them feel more real. All the characters have great rich personalities.
The mystery keeps you guessing which I loved there was very little I could predict. And well I’m a sucker for any kind of love story so that’s a plus for me.
I can’t wait for book 2.

  • Amy Reierson

The mystery and seduction that sucks you in and takes you for an emotional rollercoaster ride. There are many twists and turns that keep you guessing how it will end and leave you wanting more. You will fall in love with Raelyn and join her on the journey to find out what happened to her mother. This is the first book in a trilogy and I cannot wait for book 2.

  • Catherine Kroeger

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