Fan Reviews #3

Title- Stop the Clock

Author- Cassie Swindon

Series- finale in the Golden Chains trilogy

Rating– see below from Goodreads readers

Genre- New adult romantic suspense

POV- third person, past tense, two alternating POV between Raelyn and Kody

Trope- accidental pregnancy

Steam level- 3.5/5 spice

Cover– more mysterious instead of romantic suspense


Raelyn Bell’s family is falling apart by the seams. Hiding out in a tiny cabin, she fears the villain responsible for the entire mess may track her down and take away who she has remaining. Desperate to protect those she loves, she has no other choice but to stand up to the danger and prove this threat guilty once and for all.

Kody Walsh fights to stay with Raelyn but is dragged away to a foreign land by the same hostile they had been trying to avoid. Kody is commanded to complete unimaginable tasks for the sake of the enemy and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

They both struggle to reunite for the sake of their future with different plans to destroy the one who continually rips them apart. Can they see this journey through without losing their lives—and each other?

Best part-

When the clock is literally counting down

What readers would change-

The epilogue in a new POV from a side character didn’t make the series feel like a full resolution but more like a tease that this character will get a spin-off series

Pacing- fast- paced


“The author is articulate, the attention to detail and the character development is good. It was a complicated storyline, the satisfying conclusion of a three book series. At times the story was nail biting and exciting. The family dynamic of the characters is very involved. Highly recommend this book. I think this author will be going places!

  • Denise Tuxford

“Once I went through the first chapter, I didn’t stop reading until I reached the end.
So much action, drama, romance, and suspense. It makes you flip the page involuntarily to see what happens next. The characters’ development is more shown is this book, kept me going and I felt like a proud momma watching them mature while reading this series. I’m not sure if we got a good closure with the ending, or the author will be surprising us with one more book or another trilogy; although it was enough for me and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I would definitely recommend this book for someone searching for a good adventure, action, book with some well written romance.
Remember to check the trigger warnings before you read!”

  • Dania Njeim

Right from the beginning, I was swept up in this fast paced story. I would have to say that this book was my favourite out of the three! I loved it! The book was written very well and was descriptive and detailed, but not overly so. As this is the conclusion of the series, I was so pleased that all the questions and mystery were answered and resolved. Well done Cassie on a fantastic end to the series!”

  • Steph N

“What.A.Ride! If you enjoy action, suspense, and a enduring romance this is definitely the book for you! Swindon shines in this last installment of The Golden Chains Series. All of the characters grow so much between book one and book three. The series reaches a satisfying ending and I can’t begin to fit all the amazing things that happen in this small review.”

  • Katherine Gillespie

“Really enjoyed the last installment of the series which showed Raelyn grow and change, even if it did take her time to learn to lean on others and reach out for help. No spoilers here but the end was phenomenal, fast paced, speedy writing kept me reading for hours and unable to put it down. Some shocks and some tears but what’s a good book without those!”

  • Rachel Brightey

Published by CassieSwindon

Fiction author

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