Fan Reviews #2

Title- Hunt the Storm

Author- Cassie Swindon

Series- sequel in the Golden Chains trilogy

Rating– see below from Goodreads readers

Genre- New adult romantic suspense

POV- third person, past tense, two alternating POV between Raelyn and Kody

Trope- love triangle, break up with him/her to save them, kidnapper

Steam level- 3.5/5 spice

Cover– more mysterious instead of romantic suspense


Learning that her mother is alive came at a great cost.

Desperate to bring Ma home, eighteen-year-old Raelyn embarks on a dangerous journey to a desert land. Wanting to prove her strength, she leaves Kody behind. But soon, sex traffickers stalk Raelyn. In a flurry of treacherous events, she chooses to team up with Private Phoenix Peterson – which changes everything.

Army Specialist, Kody Walsh is determined to keep Raelyn safe, no matter the cost. After realizing she abandoned him, he hunts for her in hostile territory but ends up in the most unlikely of places. Yet, Kody holds a secret up his sleeve which could end the tyranny once and for all.

Best part-

“The rooftop scene”

“The helicopter scene”

“The ribbon scene”

What readers would change-

Raelyn makes frustrating/immature choices often which makes it feel more YA than NA

Pacing- fast- paced


“From the very first page Hunt the Storm is a thrill ride. It has everything – action, romance, surprises, sex, and more action. Throughout the book the twists and turns kept surprising me. The characters came alive and each had a distinct personality. By the end of the book I couldn’t put it down because I had to know what happened next (it is the fastest I’ve finished a book all year). I cannot wait until the third book in the series comes out. Highly recommended to all readers out there.”

  • Matt Hernley

“This book was enticing, outraging, sad, happy, loving, and every other emotion an author can invoke. This is the sequel to Break the Stone (which was an amazing read, check it out), and Raelyn continues with her long journey of trying to find her Ma. Raelyn’s friends and boyfriend, Kody (hot and steamy), join her on this adventure that takes place in the desert. There were plot twists, action scenes, steamy scenes, and even some cat fights. You’ll have to read for yourself to understand all these emotions. It was a fantastic read and I would recommend this book and series to anyone.”

  • Kylie Raybourn

“Wow what a wild ride. This book is non stop action and drama with just a hint of Spice. Raelyn is following the clues trying to find her Ma. With the help of her brother, boyfriend and best friend they travel across the world following clues. Raelyn discovers herself along the way but she also learns that she needs the help of others. My emotions went through a rollercoaster with the characters so much so that I laughed and cried and almost screamed with them.

The books tells Raelyn and Kody’s side of the story. While Raelyn decides to run from her issues and tries to do everything on her own poor Kody is left to pick up the pieces. While he is on a time limit because he has to get back to the states for his military board review he is stuck between wanting to save the girl he loves and going AWOL. Certain circumstances send Kody home to learn his fate. Cali and Kody end up finding their way back to Raelyn (after a lot of crazy events) to try to save her once again.

After a few events Raelyn finds herself not knowing who to trust along her journey. She finds herself in the middle of a sex trafficking ring just after she finds her Ma. She wants to free the girls but keeps getting hit with roadblocks along the way. Does she free them? Well I’m not giving it all away now you will just have to read and find out what happens.”

  • Alishia Pinon

“Hunt the Storm kicks off in the desert a world away, yet the relational aspects of Raelyn’s story – her undeniable romance with Kody, her deep desire to connect with her ma, and more – are familiar and comforting. As with Cassie Swindon’s previous novel, the characters are fully fleshed out, the dialog is engaging, the insights are delicious, and the adventures are incomparable! Hunt the Storm is an epic romance and epic suspense rolled into an exciting page turner!”

  • Natalie Proudfoot

“This book was fast paced, suspenseful, jaw-dropping and emotional. I felt the emotions of the characters as they were going through them, anger, sorrow, fear and then happiness and contentment all mixed in to keep you reading to the very last page.”

  • Candice Ryder

“I just say wowwwwww!! It played with all my emotions and I finished it in one sitting! Loved it and can’t wait for the third installment!!! Well done Cassie! This was amazing!”

  • Carli Pienaar

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