Review #119

Title- Sister of the Stars

Series- The Children of Lyr book 2. Third to release late 2022

Rating– 4.3/5

Genre- epic fantasy romance, new adult

Trope- the chosen one

Similar Books/Comps- Fable & Namesake, and ironically enough I’ll probably use this series as a comp for my Linked Trilogy to be self published early 2023

Steam level- 2/5

Cover– I liked the first better, Daughter of the Deep

My emotions-  in love with the ending. The third needs to come out sooner

Pacing- slow middle, great beginning and end

Formatting– some inconsistent/strange spacing interiorly. I love the chapter headings
Characters– too many female characters on the island to keep track of their differences

Comments while reading

Page 75- I love that Ronan and Kiera are forced to be separated since she’s banished and he has to be at the Spring to survive. (I am guessing there will be an accidental pregnancy along the way at some point.)
Chapter 18-19 things are feeling slower & I’m hoping for a turn
Chapter 23- I feel dragged along and not sure where the story is going, like it’s a little lost/random
Page 289- Love this scene!
Page 296- wooooh, I totally predicted that.
Page 350- I don’t really have a grasp of WHY the villains are doing what they’re doing. There’s no indication of purpose so it feels like they’re being evil just for the sake of being evil which feels two dimensional. Page 419- great action & intense scene
Page 430- I kind of wish Ronan was more sure of himself.
Page 445- Awesome cliffhanger ending. Some spoilers may be in the rest of this post: I just really hope the rest is explained in the third book. What is the Branwen’s curse? Does Kiera know who/what she is? How does her status work? Why does Arawyn want her so badly? What’s the villain’s end game? What did Locasta have to do with the plan? Does Finna have a man unexpected comeback future?


A Cure to End a CurseIt’s been two months since Captain Keira Mathonwy learned the god of death’s price the hard way. Two months since she saved her husband Ronan from a horrific death, only to ensure her own slow demise. Abandoned by the sea, banished from the only home she’s ever known, and marked by the Dark God, Keira is desperate for a cure. To make matters worse, storms are brewing across the Deyrnas. Famine, plague, and whispers of war spread like wildfire, the growing unrest visible everywhere. Her Captain’s coat weighing heavy on her shoulders, Keira must swim against the current to keep her crew afloat. Yet not all is lost. Even amidst the darkest night, there are stars on the horizon. A slave that whispers to the wind. A forgotten sisterhood forged from salt and steel. An unlikely ally hidden in fox fur. To save their world—and themselves—the crew must journey to the ends of the earth for answers, and dive deep within their hearts for the courage to do what is right. No matter what it costs. Not even fate can outrun death.

Best part- sirens

What I’d change-

Page 320- the Serpent Prince title and persona felt like it came out of nowhere. I wasn’t expecting him to be a devious character and seemed inconsistent with how I felt about him

Quote- “I was darkness. I was rotten and wicked. I was a monster. I was destruction… but I was also light… the moon, glowing overhead, an uproarious protest against the encroaching night, a beacon to the lost and the damned.”

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