2021 BOTM wrap-up

Five Stars – Book of the Month

Historical fiction alternates between current timeline mixing the past and present. Also, feminist all around

Sweet, easy, fun read for a “pick me up”

Dark fantasy- death, darkness, the underworld and reapers

Four Stars – Book of the Month

Contemporary witchy in a small town. I almost gave this five stars

Contemporary romance- grumpy male with adorable endearing female scientist

Unique storytelling of an immortal. Kind of confusing

Suspenseful thriller, creepy, page turner

Dark- unclear genre- eerie, creepy, cult-like, dark

Spiritual, ghostly, deep

Three Stars – Book of the Month

Comical murder mystery

Murder mystery with twists and turns, family drama

Racism- momma looking to reconnect with her past/son

Contemporary romcom- too predictable for me

DNF- Book of the Month

This was voted Book of the Year, so try it out. It had too much historical content for me which was boring. I didn’t get far.

Ancient gods- Dry and slow

Contemporary, but too much head hopping- lost interest quickly

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