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Tell me about your most recent book you’re writing and the title.

Alaska Blaze is the third book in my Blazing Hearts Wildfire Series. It is an action-adventure romantic suspense series set in the world of wildland firefighting in Alaska’s spectacular landscape. My heroines are strong female firefighters, and the heroes are brawny, eye-candy smokejumpers and hotshot firefighters.

If you could change the world from being a writer, what is the impact you’d want to make?

I would hope for more tolerance and acceptance of other human beings. Hope is a major theme in all my books. Hope for love and hope for the future. Other themes I include: You don’t have to prove yourself to be loved and family doesn’t have to be blood. When I moved to Alaska, my co-workers and friends became my family because most of us left our families of origin in the lower forty-eight.

Who is one of your heroes?

The wildland firefighter who fights the dangerous fires that are constantly in the news during the hot summer months of fire season. The general public doesn’t realize how much wildland firefighters put their lives on the line every time they fight an out of control, runaway wildfire. One of the goals in my books is to show readers what it’s like to live and work behind the scenes of what they see on TV and read on the internet. These people are living, breathing human beings who forge close relationships with their crewmates, be it friendships or love relationships. I keep my real-world settings as accurate as possible, while taking liberties to provide entertaining, fictional stories and steamy romances. My reviews reflect this, and readers say they learn what it takes to be a wildland firefighter.

If your novels were a color, what color spectrum would they be and why?

Red, orange, and yellow, the danger colors, with a splash of pink and purple. I write dangerous fire situations, but I take pride in showcasing my state of Alaska as a beautiful place and not an ominous, dangerous place depicted in most novels and movies. Since my novels take place in the summer months during Alaska’s fire season, the pink-purple all-night twilight is a predominant color I describe in all my books. When I write my romantic settings I emphasize Alaska’s dress-up colors of blue, green, and white, in contrast to the danger colors of wildfire.

What’s something unique about you that many others don’t know?

I was a competitive swimmer, diver, and synchronized swimmer in my younger years. I’m an accomplished stage actor, mostly in community theatre productions, and a few professional ones. I was an extra in five Hollywood movies filmed in Alaska and smelled Nicolas Cage’s glorious after-shave as I stood next to him during 18 takes of a scene for The Frozen Ground. My scene was cut, but I was still paid, and they fed us lobster as a snack food! I also had the privilege of staring at Dermot Mulroney’s tush as he stood in front of me for several takes for Big Miracle. Now I write plays and screenplays for other actors. It’s more fun and I don’t have to memorize lines.

Where do you stash the books you own?

In bookcases mostly. I don’t stack them on my nightstand anymore because they became flying missiles that attacked me during our big earthquake back in 2018.

What’s a fear you have to overcome/grow in the writing career?

That my subsequent books won’t be as good as the first ones.

What would you say to your high school rival if given the chance?

Hold my beer while I aim for the USA bestseller list.

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence suspenseful story about pizza.

She hesitated and stood back to take careful aim. Assessed the potential, collateral damage. One bite wouldn’t harm her, she figured. Not as bad as snarfing an entire, combo piece loaded with enough meat to feed a starving pack of wolves on a cold, winter night. But the three cheeses called to her, and the pepperoni shouted her name…seducing her to approach.

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence romcom story about a duel with ribbon.

He accepted the challenge only because he realized he now loved her. But he shouldn’t have had that ninth shot of tequila. He closed one eye to focus on his challenger but saw five opponents instead. How the heck would he handle all five? Heart thudding, he jammed a hand in his pocket for his trusty pocketknife…and out came a long satin ribbon from the night before and he thought, “Not good, I’m beyond dead right now.”

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence fantasy story about pigs.

The five pigs met for their daily briefing about who would be chosen as barnyard supervisor today. Max did it yesterday and wound up with peck marks on his hiney from Cocky Doodle, the rooster bully, so he avoided Porky and plopped down to wallow in his favorite mudhole. Porky turned to Snorts and said, “Your turn, buddy.” Snorts gave Porky a sour look. “Hey bro, I’m taking the day off, because as you know Patricia is in heat and, well, I hate to break it you, but I ain’t missing that choice opportunity like I did last month!”

What are your top 3 books you read in 2021?

Julie and Romeo, by Jeanne Ray

Every Last Secret, by A.R. Torre

Consumed, by J.R. Ward

What are your top 3 anticipated books to read in 2022?

Cloud Cuckoo Land, by Anthony Doerr

Apples Never Fall, by Liane Moriarty

Hail Mary, by Any Weir

What are your writing goals for 2022?

My writing goals for next year are to write more books and get them in front of more readers. I’ve pursued traditional publishing for my romantic comedy series because I wanted to compare traditional publishing with independent publishing. I’ll be a hybrid author in 2022, which was a goal for me.

Alaska Spark is the introduction to my Blazing Hearts Wildfire Series that I would love to get in front of more readers. It is action-packed with smokejumpers jumping dangerous wildfires. It talks about the challenges women face in the male-dominated profession of wildland firefighting and is a friends-to-lovers workplace romance. I write medium high heat. Not graphic and yet not behind closed doors. My readers like my middle ground of how I write love and sex scenes.

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