Tina Hogan Grant

Tell me about your most recent book you’re writing and the title.

All Of Us – The Sabela Series Book 5 is due to be released in Mid-January. This is a powerful, sizzling suspense romance series that focuses on the power of friendship. All of the books can be read as a standalone. I am currently working on book 6 which has no title yet. 

Are you Indie published or traditional?


Do you like marketing? Why or why not?

No I do not like marketing. I just want to write and marketing takes me away from that. There is so much to learn and all of it takes time. It’s almost a full-time job.

What’s your most cherished holiday tradition?

I have two grandsons age 5 and 10 so Christmas for us is really special. I love baking cookies with them and helping them decorate and see the pride in their eyes when they give them to their parents as gifts.

Which was your favorite book you read this year?

I am currently reading “Right Behind You” by Lisa Gardner. She never disappoints and this is my favorite book by far this year.

Do you have a pet who supports your writing? Who is it?

I have two dogs that are at my feet when I am at my desk . A Britney named Tess and a Jack Russel who we call Miss Ellie.

What is a mistake you made early in writing that you’d advise other authors to avoid?

My first book, Reckless Beginning which was published in 2018 took ten years to write because I wasn’t serious enough about my writing career. I didn’t treat it like a job.  I told myself the next book would not take as long and began to write every day. My outlook on what I wanted to achieve did a 360 and I now write two books a year. Don’t procrastinate, set goals and write every day..

Write a descriptive sentence about jealousy.

An emotion that will consume you not only mentally but will be the cause of many disruptive behaviors that you will at some point live to regret.

What’s your writing goals for 2022?

To keep doing what I love which is to write more and I hope to start a new series late in 2022.

Tell me about a book you’d like to advertise here and why?

My other series is The Tammy Mellows Series which is based on my life. The Reunions is the last in the trilogy and was published February 2021. Again all books can be read as a standalone. Book 2 and 3 won Best fiction adventure two years in a row in 2020 and 2021.

The trilogy focuses strongly on family, especially sisters and shows the challenges and struggles Tammy faces on this journey we call life. Many of which readers will relate to. In The Reunions, The consequences of procrastination plays a big role and as quoted by many readers, the book taught them to look at their lives much differently and do things they had been putting off.

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