Review #114

Title- A Vow So Bold and Deadly

Author- Brigid Kemmerer

Rating– 4/5 for this novel but 4.5/5 for the trilogy

Genre- YA fantasy

POV- 4 POV this one, all present tense

Trope- war/battle, brotherhood

Steam level- (0- no sex, 5- erotica)- 1/5

Cover– Gorgeous

Comments- I liked that this novel had all 4 characters with a POV … however that did make for a bunch of flipping back and forth. Fortunately, the stories were blended more together compared to the sequel.  This novel was a little slower with all the political talk and war strategies, but I was interested in the romance & who is loyal to who to varied leaders. Grey was my favorite character and this seemed to be more of a friendship/brotherhood theme than romance. I was also confused about who was the main character. Because the trilogy began with Harper as the main character, but seemed to conclude with someone else as the main character. I won’t say who to avoid spoilers.

My emotions- It was frustrating that they all cared so much about each other but wouldn’t admit it so the author did a great job of creating complex relationships.


See reviews for the earlier books in the series

Best part- Loyalty theme

What I’d change- The climax scene didn’t make me gasp which was a bit of a letdown. There was so much build up, then the big scene was over too quick and kind of flopped for me. The writing had established a potential to rip my heart out at the climax, but it didn’t do that.

Pacing- medium

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